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Saturday, June 17, 2006

Proposed Primary School Merger

Kent County Council is proposing to merge Morehall Primary School with Harcourt Primary School, on the site of Morehall Primary in Chart Road. At present, Harcourt is a single form entry school and Morehall is a 2 form entry school.

Parental protests are being led by the Governing Bodies of the two schools, with the support of Michael Howard, local Conservative MP. I too, along with other councillors, voiced some of my concerns at a recent public consultation meeting, and will be writing to confirm my objections. Folkestone Town Council will also be discussing the issue on 13th July.

It seems to make little sense to merge the schools, when the LEA's figures show that the Morehall buildings are not large enough to take the combined total of students. The propsal will require temporary mobile classrooms at the school, so demolishing the purpose-built Harcourt cannot be justified. These will supplement the existing temporary classrooms, which have been in place since 1976! In addition, Chart Road and Surrenden Road are unable to cope with the current traffic - more traffic is not an option.

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