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Friday, March 24, 2006

Lib Dems plunge new depths in Cheriton

The Lib Dems will, no doubt, do their best to put a positive spin on last night's by election result. They won a seat on Folkestone Town Council - but is it really the local resurgence they had promised? Their candidate, with 504 votes, won with fewer votes than any other Cheriton councillor in my lifetime. Even during the toilets and tax crisis of 2004, the Lib Dems managed 598 votes. In fact, this ward is the safest and longest standing Lib Dem ward in Folkestone. In 2003 they polled an incredible 84% of the vote. Cllr Prater's mere 41% will be miserable viewing for the local Lib Dem elite. Faced with being reduced to a rump of less than a dozen councillors at the next election, even their leader Lynne "Bonker" Beaumont must fear for the safety of her traditionally marginal seat.

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