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Friday, March 24, 2006

Cheriton By Election Result

The results of the Cheriton By-election are as follows:-

People First - 262 - 21.69%

Roy Edey - Impeach Blair, Troops out of Iraq - 18 - 1.49%

David Johnson - Conservative - 294 - 24.34%

Liberal Democrat - 504 - 41.72% - Elected

Go Folkestone - 126 - 10.43%

Spoilt papers 4

Percentage Turnout 28.6%

Commenting on the result, Bob Davidson the local Conservative Party Agent said, "I would like to thank David Johnson and the many members who worked on the campaign.

"At first glance you would have thought the Shepway Liberal Democrats did quite well until you think back to 2003, the last time the Liberal Democrats won anything other than the odd Town Council seat, when the Liberal Democrats got 84% of the vote in this seat. This time they only got half that figure - hardly something they can be proud of."

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