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Friday, January 27, 2006

Bandstand's Back

Quotes for the work required to restore Folkestone bandstand have been received by Shepway Council, who expect work to be completed later this year. Once the venue is up to scratch, Folkestone Town Council will operate a series of events, which could start before the end of the summer, subjec to work being completed on time. Other ideas include a Christmas Carol concert. In future years it is anticipated that bands will play from Easter until the end of the summer, with a mixture of local bands and occasional larger performances. I will be part of the working group which puts together the programme events, and hope that there will be something for everyone living in or visiting Folkestone to enjoy!

Lib Dems lose Hythe

The people of Hythe North dealt yet another blow to Shepway Lib Dems last night, by electing Conservative candidate Alan Ewart-James over his Lib Dem challenger, who was defeated for the 3rd time in under a year. The resounding victory gave Cllr Ewart-James 70% of the vote, following the resignation of Lib Dem councillor Jackie Gandy.

The balance on Hythe Town Council now stands at 8 Lib Dems (down 6), 7 Conservatives (up 5) and one Green (up one).