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Thursday, July 07, 2005

Coolinge House

Folkestone Town Council today objected to the latest proposals to develop the gardens of the 18th century Coolinge House. The proposals, incorporating 14 houses, entirely ignore the significance of this, one of Folkestones oldes buildings and would destroy its integrity. The proposals are overly intense, and in failing to respect Cooling House cut it off from the surrounding and equally historic Coolinge Farmhouse and Coolinge Riding School, which have formed a continuous frontage on Coolinge Lane for almost 300 years.

Moreover, the proposals for the site do not deal adequately with the traffic flows at the difficult junction beween Coolinge Lane and Paddock Close. It is questionable whether many of the protected trees on the site would be sustainable with such an intense developent, which is not in keeping with the neighbouring properties.

That the developer should seek to tie the repairs required to prevent the Grade II Listed Coolinge House from falling down to being given permission to develop the site was particularly outrageous, and is verging on blackmail.

I will continue to monitor the situation closely, and will seek an enforcement notice against the owners if they do not maintain the building in an acceptable condition.

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