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Monday, May 30, 2005

European Constitution

For once the French did something right. For years they've been burning our sheep and blockading out ports, but now they've turned their fire on something much more sinister: The EU.

The rejection of the EU Constitution is most certainly welcome. I am opposed in principle to written constitutions, as they take power away from our elected representatives to unelected judges. We already spend far too much on legal proceedings, so to allow the courts the final say over our daily lives would be horrendous. Moreover, the EU Constitution proposes yet more Human Rights, for the courts to uphold, without any mention of Human Responsibilities.

The EU Constitution is also poorly drafted. It is deliberately confusing and ambiguous, to prevent the man in the street from understanding it (and hopefully scaring him off questioning it). This also represents a further transfer of power to the courts, as judges decide what this nonsense actually means.

In addition, the EU Constitution goes far beyond a basic framework for the operation of the EU. It is an attempt to medal with every part of out day to day lives, which must be stopped.

It is still imperative that we hold a referendum on the treaty in the UK. The French have sent a signal to the European leaders that the constitution is too English. We need to make sure that any renegotiation does not simply turn into an excuse to bash our culture and way of life. We need to stand up and say that we object to the constitution as well, because it is too French.

Furthermore, such a rejection from the 2 ends of the spectrum will send a clear signal to the EU leadership - there cannot be a United States of Europe or a European Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, because the different peoples of Europe simply don't agree how it should be run.

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